It takes a village

When friends, fans and family want to help

Sites like GoFundMe are increasingly popular channels for raising financial support for individuals in need, allowing donors to follow the recipient’s journey, struggles, and successes, whether or not they know the person in real life.

But these sites may not be the best option for either the donor or the recipient when a musician or a musician’s family member is facing a medical emergency. The JWF helps alleviate some of the challenges associated with GoFundMe while offering donors the same personal connection. Key benefits of working with the JWF include:

  • Tax deductible. Because we’re a 501(c)(3) organization, your contributions are fully tax deductible.
  • Our grants don’t count as income. We distribute financial support in the form of grants. Grants in the name of our recipients are paid directly to a physician, landlord, a pharmacist or other vendor or service provider. Because grants aren’t considered income, they aren’t taxed. They also can’t jeopardize a musician’s right to state-funded health care or any other assistance based on income. We are also able to grant direct assistance through gift cards for the recipient’s preferred grocery store or market.
  • We provide connections to other services. Our volunteer social workers make sure musicians in need are aware of and can access the full range of assistance available to them via state and federal programs.This includes insurance coverage, mental health services, free medical care, housing assistance, and other vital help.

Crowdfunding sites have been invaluable tools for musicians to fund projects and solicit financial support. But when it comes to direct help for musicians and their families dealing with medical crisis, the JWF’s structure and services are often a better choice.

If you are considering a crowdfunding campaign for a musician in need and would like to better understand available support from the JWF, contact us at