WEBJeremysailingFriends, I haven’t told many of you, yet, but tomorrow, I am going in for a fourth radio-frequency ablation heart surgery.

As many of you know, I’ve spent considerable time finding out what kind of services and aid are out there for medical assistance, and I applied for financial aid with OHSU. I supplied all of the necessary financial documents and wrote a compelling letter to them explaining the work I do and how I still, despite my work in the health industry, do not have the means to possess health insurance. I feel incredibly fortunate that OHSU heard my story and is granting me a 100% discount that will completely cover my surgery. Beyond this assistance, I’m just so touched and moved by the incredible care I feel like I’m getting at OHSU; everyone from the people that schedule the appointments to the doctors and nurses and all the staff that I’ve run into have been kind, gracious, personable and truly caring. I just want to say thank you to them and draw attention to the wonderful work being done up on that hill! I feel confident that the surgery will be a success in their hands.

Needless to say, I am remembering how amazing everyone has been in the past about coming to my aid, but this time gratefully, I do not need any further assistance. But!! Our work goes on at the foundation every day. If you want to show some support financially, please make a donation to The Jeremy Wilson Foundation at http://thejwf.org to help us continue working on behalf of our fellow musicians and their families’ well-being. There’s so much to do and many others to help!

Wish me luck! Love you all. Peace, my dear friends!