Melanie Bobbett, LMSW
Board Member
Oncology Financial Counselor
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Melanie is currently an Oncology Financial Counselor at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute where she guides patients to health insurance, financial assistance, and options to manage remaining medical expenses, thereby easing the burden of their high-cost cancer care.  As a social worker and in past work experiences advocating for people through complicated systems including Social Security, Melanie has developed her passion for supporting people who are enduring difficult life circumstances, such as medical crisis, to access basic needs like income and affordable healthcare.  In her free time, Melanie keeps a steady mix of taking in the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest, good times around Portland with her friends, and visits to her family in the other three corners of the country.

Although Melanie is not a musician herself, she holds a deep love of music for the personal joy and inspiration that it brings her, and a strong admiration for how musicians share their creative gifts with the world.  She greatly appreciates how her work with The Jeremy Wilson Foundation to serve local musicians in need so beautifully combines her life-long connection to music with her professional calling.