petekrebscropFor the past 25 years, Pete Krebs has graced the Portland music scene in a number of popular projects, including punk band Hazel, The Stolen Sweets, and The Pete Krebs Trio, among many others. A survivor of hodgkin’s lymphoma in his early twenties, Pete has now been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called desmoplastic melanoma. Pete will miss a considerable amount of work following a biopsy that will determine the level of care & treatment he will need, if treatment is possible.

With the uncertainty of the future of Pete’s health, donations are being sought by The JWF to help him and his family financially during this challenging time. Please click the designated “Donate” button to make a tax-deductible donation, of which 100% of the proceeds will go to Pete.

Donate by mail (no PayPal fees), Send check or money order to: The Jeremy Wilson Foundation ATTN: Pete Krebs, 1028 SE Water Ave. Ste. 230 Portland, OR 97214.

Pete has already received hundreds of responses following his wife Birdie’s call for donations, proof that he has made a heartfelt impression on many in the Portland music community. Here is Birdie’s letter:

To our dear friends and family,

This is a humbling plea for help from our community. As many of you know, Pete had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in his early 20s, and through radiation and removal of some lymph nodes, he beat it. However, Pete has now been diagnosed with another type of cancer known as dismoplastic melanoma. The oncologist tells us that this is a rare form of cancer and that there is no cure once it has spread. Chemo and radiation will not work and will not be used to fight it. At this point, we know that Pete is in stage two out of four. We should know how far it has gone after surgery.

Pete goes into surgery next week and will have a second biopsy taken from his neck that will result in a 3 1/4″ long ellipse taken from his neck. The depth of tissue that will be taken out is unknown until they go into surgery, but the doctor assures us that he will take out everything down to the muscle tissue. They will also inject a radioactive isotope in order to see where the cancer has traveled through his lymph system and if any more lymph nodes need to be removed. From this surgery, we will know how far the cancer has spread and what Pete’s chances are for survival. The best case scenario will be to find out that the cancer has not spread. At that point he may be able to take an immuno-builder that will help him fight future cancer cells. If it has spread, there will be no remission and he will need to be checked regularly, as this cancer travels along the nervous system and can end up anywhere in his body.

At this point, we don’t know what the future entails, but we hope to face each phase of this transformative process with grace and the strength of your love. Pete has been working every day of the week to keep us afloat while I’ve been in grad school and we are worried about the fact that he won’t be able to work for, at least, a couple of weeks. We are selling our house and though we will most likely not make any money from the sale, we are downsizing so that Pete doesn’t have to keep working so hard.

I must admit, it is very awkward and uncomfortable to ask this of you. My plea to you is this: We will not have enough income to cover the doctor/hospital bills that are already accumulating, or our mortgage in February (hopefully, our house will sell sooner than later). I am asking for any help that you can give us (and ONLY if you can afford it, as I know that many of you have been struggling, just as we have, in this economy) to help us cover our bills so that we might have a little breathing room to deal with this. We could only return our complete and utter gratitude.

Pete will soon start a blog on his website,, so that his friends can simply check in and see how he’s doing on a regular basis.

We can use your prayers!

Thanks for your love,


Friends and fans of Pete can also help by attending any of these concert fundraisers, specially-tailored for Pete’s diverse fan demographics:


Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Doors at 4:30 pm; Show 5:00-11:00 p.m.
The Secret Society | Buy Tickets | Facebook Event
Featuring: Brent Martens Combination, Boy & Bean, The Stolen Sweets, Swingtime PDX, Itty Bitty Bang Bang!, Nina Nightshade, Pink Lady, Hai Fleisch, Everything’s Jake, The Jenny Finn Orchestra, The Midnight

Sliding scale donations starting at $20.00. All donations are tax-deductible.


Thursday, February 21, 2013 Doors at 5:30 pm; Show 5:30 pm-12:30 am
The Wonder Ballroom | Buy Tickets
Featuring: Sassparilla, Black Prairie, Colin Meloy, Sean Croghan, Casey Neill, Lewi Longmire, James Low, Jeremy Wilson Band
Sliding scale donations starting at $25.00. All donations are tax-deductible.
SILENT AUCTION & RAFFLE! Those interested in donating to the raffle/auction, contact Alex Steininger at:


Friday, March 15, 2013 The Laurelthirst Pub. More info TBD.

More about Pete (from

Pete Krebs is one of Portland’s most beloved musical chameleons, and one of the few to have played gigs at both CBGB’s and Preservation Hall. He’s best known as the front man for the 90’s seminal Portland punk band Hazel and has shared stages with artists as diverse as Elliott Smith, Mark Lanegan, Nirvana, The Holy Modal Rounders, The Hot Club of Cowtown and Danny Barnes, just to name a few. A musical time-traveler, Pete is in retrograde motion these days. He loves bringing back vintage swing, gypsy jazz, western swing, traditional country and rockabilly. Pete can appear in a variety of musical configurations one of which will be the perfect fit for your event’s size and budget, be it public or private.