Pledge to Musicians’ Health!

Set up a monthly pledge of any amount to show your ongoing support for The Jeremy Wilson Foundation.


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A few reasons to set up a monthly pledge to The Jeremy Wilson Foundation:

JWF is working hard to sustain programs that boost the well-being of all musicians. Your contribution will make a huge impact on our Musicians’ Emergency Healthcare Fund.

Musicians are invaluable to your city’s economy. If Austin and Nashville can recognize this, so can Portland (and anywhere else in the U.S.)!

Music makes people feel good. Why not help musicians feel good?

This could be a small way to pay artists back for the free music you might have acquired.

*Read: David Lowery’s Letter to Emily White where he suggests that we all give back to artist nonprofits.

You can be part of taking a bold step towards investing in an innovative nonprofit.
*This TED Talk blew us away: Dan Palotta asks nonprofits, “What is the scale of your dreams?”

You feel that there is nothing more beautiful than artists helping artists.

You would finally tap into your full artistic potential to become a working musician if you knew you could afford quality medical care.

You and/or musicians you know have struggled with medical debt.

Musician wages have not increased since the late 80’s. Seriously? Yes. JWF is the security that many hard-working musicians are not able to afford.

Unlike many record companies and internet music providers, you are giving money to an organization that puts the needs of musicians FIRST.

Let’s be honest: Giving money to a Rock’n’Roll nonprofit is sexy.

Thank you kindly for your support!