Mission Statement

JWF: A musicians’ nonprofit health and services organization supported by friends, family and fans. Making it easy to directly assist individual musicians and their families during medical emergencies.

There is a dearth of relief organizations assisting working musicians who are at high risk of serious financial harm in times of medical crisis. Many artists simply cannot afford basic health insurance. They are self-employed and do not receive employee benefits and are twice as likely as the general public to be uninsured.*

The Jeremy Wilson Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit musicians’ service organization providing emergency financial assistance in times of medical crisis and improving the overall well-being of individual musicians and their families.

JWF Musicians’ Emergency Healthcare Fund is a safety net for musicians and their families when facing debilitating medical crisis. The JWF creates better access to resources and information to help improve the state of musicians’ health and healthcare, and, in turn, their careers and financial and overall well-being.

Core to our success is the continued development of programs and revenue streams such as:

  • The Musician Relief Fund campaigns and live event services geared towards individual musicians in need of immediate financial support;
  • Our music publishing model called One Song where songwriters, bands and JWF share proceeds from the sale and licensing of music;
  • The annual production of large fundraising events such as our holiday tribute to The Band, “The Next Waltz” and this year’s first annual “BAND TOGETHER” online music auction;
  • The continuing establishment of strong partnerships with other nonprofits and local communities;
  • The further enhancement of the JWF website as a resource center for the music community; and
  • Eventually, the establishment of the JWF Musicians’ Emergency Healthcare Fund as an ongoing endowment level fund and source for grants for years to come.

This is a big endeavor and we believe that by working together we can continue to build an essential safety-net for these vital creative members our communities. Together, we support those who make the soundtracks of our lives.

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*Musicians Healthcare Survey conducted for The JWF by Market Decisions Corp.