Jim Boyer Relief Fund

jimboyerpicWEBFreak Mountain Ramblers singer and guitarist Jim Boyer has, “Probably played more benefits than anyone in Portland,” says his best friend and former bandmate, Bingo.

Now, Jim really needs your help. An injury to his left shoulder in September 2012 resulted in an emergency surgery and subsequent hospital stay. Most recently, a secondary surgical site infection was discovered colonized in the glenohumeral joint, and Jim was hospitalized a second time. Currently, he is unable to work and is receiving in-home care and IV antibiotics while he awaits the doctor’s decision on whether or not his shoulder can be rebuilt.

Please, make a 100% tax-deductible donation to help Jim while he faces more surgeries and intensive physical therapy.

Click the button above or donate by mailing a check or money order (no PayPal fees) to: The Jeremy Wilson Foundation ATTN: Jim Boyer Emergency Fund, 1028 SE Water Ave. Ste. 230 Portland, OR 97214.

Freak Mountain Ramblers have been a household name in Portland since 1999. But Jim Boyer’s contribution to Pacific Northwest music has spanned the last 24 years. Anyone who remembers The Holy Modal Rounders and Oregon Music Hall of Famers, Clamtones, will appreciate the historic significance of the band members that joined Jim in the late 90’s to form the ‘Freaks.’

Jim has also played a regular happy hour with Lynn Conover, and his most recent performance was with the Freaks this past New Year’s Eve, when he was able to take the stage and sing a few songs, sans Telecaster. A benefit concert for Jim will be held in May. Details to come.