JWF Musicians’ Emergency Healthcare Fund

Rather than reinventing the wheel every time someone needed help, we created an ongoing organization that helps right away.

JWF Winter Fundraising Campaign 2018


Thanksgiving weekend starts the season of giving, and the JWF is asking for your support! Money raised before Jan. 1 will help sustain the work of the foundation and strengthen the  JWF Musicians Emergency Health Care Fund into 2019 and beyond.

Each week in December, we’ll share a musician’s story of hope and inspiration made possible by your kind donations.  www.TheJWF.org  

#TheJWF STORIES #DonateShareVolunteer Campaign 2018 #YourSupportMakesMusic

Our hope is to inspire you

Donate  –  www.thejwf.org to make a one-time donation or become a monthly supporter!

Share – our campaign with your friends, family and fans.

Volunteer – at an event or take some time and post a testimonial to social media telling the world why vibrant, healthy musicians and artists are important to you and the community.  

Don’t forget our hashtags: #TheJWF  #DonateShareVolunteer #YourSupportMakesMusic



The Jeremy Wilson Foundation 501(c)3 is an all-volunteer musicians health services organization