Thank You Bob Dylan Birthday Bash Sponsors

Join us Sunday May 27th at Mississippi Studios for our annual night in tribute to Bobby Dylan.   Conceived and produced by musician Kory Quinn.   Get your tickets now. as it sells out every year.  100% of the proceeds benefit the JWF Musicians Emergency Healthcare Fund.  BUY TICKETS

We would like to thank our AWESOME SPONSORS!

Major Sponsors:   

In-Kind Sponsors

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The Next Waltz – Live Stream Video Tonight at 8 pm

Tonight’s Next Waltz will be multi-camera-video-captured and live-streamed on the internet.  Video provided by Stumptown Bliss.  Please tell your fans, friends and family who missed out on getting tickets and those who live in other places about the live stream.  Here is the link to send them:

The internet audience will be able to tune in to the entire show and will be offered the opportunity to donate to the Jeremy Wilson Foundation, too.  There is also a live message board, so people can comment, interact, etc.

Starts at 8:00 pm!

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Glenn Rubin – ‘Next Waltzer’ Will Match Your Donation

The Jeremy Wilson Foundation’s big fundraiser and musical tribute The Next Waltz starts it’s annual three show run tonight Friday November 24th at the Alberta Rose Theatre.  To kick off the fundraising component.  Glenn Rubin, who has attended all six previous years,  will be matching the first $1000.00 in donations raised  this evening.  Here’s what he wrote to JWF as to why he is donating and challenging others to as well:

When it comes to the Next Waltz shows, words almost fail me. Having been lucky enough to have experienced it every year from the first, I can honestly say it is always one of the high points of my year, not only musically, but emotionally. Not only because of the great artists and music of the original production, but the local sense of community and joy as the Portland production comes together each year. The fact that The Jeremy Wilson Foundation  has tied this into such a vital need as emergency healthcare, is truly “icing on the cake”.

Music has been a spiritual and life-giving force to me throughout my life.  As a very young child, I remember feeling some kind of groove as I watched and listened to steel drum calypso bands in the 50’s pre-reggae Jamaica. Later, even before my teen years, I spent hours picking out 45 RPM records from the likes of Little Richard, Fats Domino, and Link Wray. Fast forward to 1982, when I decided to move to Portland, one of the main reasons, beside the natural beauty of Oregon, was the exciting and varied music scene happening all over the city.

So it seems only right to do more than just buy tickets to concerts. To say the least, except for a very fortunate few, most musicians and their families are not knee deep in greenbacks. They often pursue their careers for the love of the music, spreading their artistic gifts to those of us consumers who don’t have that natural talent.

Having worked in the healthcare field for a good deal of my life, I’m especially aware of the importance of access to proper and timely medical resources. And in the current chaotic political and economic climate, that has become all but impossible for many of us. So all the more reason to applaud and support efforts like the Jeremy Wilson Foundation to provide healthcare and moral support to folks in our local music community.

Thanks, JWF, and everyone else involved, for such a wonderful and transcendent post-Thanksgiving celebration. Keep it going!

With much gratitude,



Make a one time donation

Or choose to make it recurring

From your smartphone or computer

using your credit card at

In person at the volunteer booth


Mail checks or money orders made to

Jeremy Wilson Foundation

1028 SE Water Ave STE 230

Portland, OR 97214


If you shop Amazon through the AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to JWF (look into the AmazonSmile program and link JWF as your charity.)

You are now able to link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to your favorite nonprofit. Go to and re-enroll or enroll and enter the Fred Meyer Code for JWF = 90394

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2017 Next Waltz Sponsors

The Next Waltz concert, fundraiser, and tribute is happening Nov 24, 25, and 26 at Alberta Rose Theatre

The Jeremy Wilson Foundation would like to thank our 2017 supporting partners, major sponsors, logo sponsors and ‘Next Waltzer’ donors.  Together they are making this the biggest Next Waltz fundraiser to date!

Thank you for supporting  local musicians and the

JWF Musicians Emergency Healthcare Fund


Secret Aardvark Trading Company
Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace
Wonder Ballroom
“Next Waltzer’ Glenn Rubin

Logo Sponsors



Next Waltzers

Glenn Rubin
Revival Drum Shop
Imelda’s Shoes & Louie’s Shoes For Men
T.C. O’Leary’s A Little Irish Pub
Bill & Sue Svendsen
Jim & Jean Wilson
Nick & Jenna Young

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Become a Next Waltz Sponsor – 100% Supports Musicians Emergency Healthcare Fund

THE NEXT WALTZ 2017 – Become A Sponsor!  100% of your donation goes to JWF Musicians Emergency Healthcare Fund

November Fri 24th, Sat 25th, Sun 26th The Alberta Rose Theatre Portland, Or 

The Next Waltz is an All-Star lineup of Portland musicians who sing and play the music from The Band’s classic concert, movie and album The Last Waltz.  The three nights of sell out shows have become a meaningful local holiday tradition for many.  A portion of the concert proceeds benefit the Jeremy Wilson Foundation.  BUT All sponsorship proceeds go 100% to support the mission of The Jeremy Wilson Foundation.

Please become a Business or Personal Sponsor and support your local music community.

Logo Sponsor – $250.00 (10+)  (For Businesses) AVAILABLE!  Choose the donate button below. We will contact you to get your logo and details

  • Your company logo clearly displayed in The Next Waltz Program given FREE to all 1200 attendees
  • Thank you and acknowledgment from stage by MC each night
  • Logo and hotlink on partners lists and webpage
  • Undying gratitude from the JWF


 “Next Waltzers” Supporter – $50.00 to $200.00 (50) (Companies or Individuals) AVAILABLE!  Choose the donate button below. We will contact you to get your name and details

  • A special “Thank You!” with your name (example: Jean & John Smith) included in the list of “Next Waltzers” Supporters on the back cover of the The Next Waltz event program.
  • Name appears on a featured Thank You “Next Waltzers” Supporters webpage.
  • So much genuine gratitude from the Jeremy Wilson Foundation you’ll be moved to tears.


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Happy birthday to Bob – from the treble clef

The annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash started, as do many great traditions, with a spur-of-the-moment impulse.

About four years ago, Kory Quinn was checking out the internet from a console at the Oregon City Library.  He noticed that Mississippi Studios had an open night, and it happened to be near Bob Dylan’s birthday, which is May 24.

As are most contemporary songwriters, Kory’s a big Dylan fan, and he had often thought about creating a tribute concert. But that day, he jumped right in. “I quickly pitched the idea to the venue, and I mentioned it to all my buddies, who all agreed to play.” Sounding surprised that it came together so easily, Kory said, “It just fell out of the sky.”

And now, Mississippi Studios holds a date for the celebration every year.

Honoring Dylan and Portland’s musicians. For Kory, the tribute concert has always been about community service, a way of showcasing local performers.  It’s even more so now that the Jeremy Wilson Foundation benefits from the event.

Kory is as passionate about JWF as he is about songwriting. As part of a new generation of musicians in Portland, Kory said he is beholden to those who created the city’s vibrant music scene and paved the way for the community that exists today. “In my opinion, every musician should be doing a JWF event.

“Sure, the Affordable Care Act has helped out a lot, but there are a lot of musicians – especially the old guard of Portland musicians – who need an emergency fund.  They may have basic health care, but they can really be up a creek” if they encounter a serious health crisis, Kory said.

A new twist on Dylan. “I was inspired by the women’s march in January.  So another mission this year is to showcase some of Portland’s female artists. That huge demonstration early this year was a great show of feminist and American values,” and Kory wants to carry on that spirit.

He’s always tried to avoid the show being a “boy’s club,” but there hasn’t always been a good balance of men and women. This year, he’s focused primarily on female performers. At this writing, Jenny Conlee, Rebecca Sanborn and Kyleen King will be performing together. Little Sue will appear, as will Malachi Graham and Lauren Sheehan.

Join Kory Quinn, Lewi Longmire, Jenny Conlee, Rebecca Sanborn, Kyleen King, Little Sue, Malachi Graham, Lauren Sheehan, Portland Country Underground, Quick & Easy Boys and a host of talented local performers as they pay tribute to the incomparable Bob Dylan. The show starts at 7 p.m. Sunday, May 28 at Mississippi Studios, 3939 N. Mississippi in Portland.





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JWF: a New Twist on Crowd Funding

The appeal of sites like GoFundMe is that you know exactly who’s getting your donation. Through on-line journals and photos, you can follow the recipient’s journey, struggles and successes, whether or not you know each other in real life.

But despite the benefits of these sites, they may not be the best option, either for the donor or the recipient.

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Bill & Sue Svendsen: Good ears, great hearts

Bill Svendsen loves music and musicians and making a difference.  That’s why he chairs the Jeremy Wilson Foundation.  But it took Bill awhile before music and support for the arts became his primary focus.

While their children were growing up, Bill and his wife Sue spent much of their time in the horse world. They owned show horses, their daughters rode and competed, and horses occupied a lot of the household’s non-work hours every week.

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Giving back to the goddess – JWF and Rhonda Kennedy

Rhonda Kennedy is a musician and a lover of arts who has made a big impression on Portland.

As the Reverend Rho, she hosted the KBOO show “Church of Northwest Music.”  She and co-host Fiona Martin were called the goddesses of the airwaves. The show featured great regional musicians.

She has done some interior design and worked for the Clinton Street Quarterly. She was the road manager for a group of Buddhist monks that performed at Lollapalooza.

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