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Lisa Lepine was an inspiration to everyone she worked with and to everyone she ever encountered in her lifetime. It was one of her parting wishes to her friends, family, and fans that her name might live on in the same spirit in which she lived her life; to continually help, aid and support others. Before her untimely passing she was working with the JWF to establish the “Lisa Lepine Musicians Relief Fund”.  She wanted this special legacy fund earmarked to provide grants to JWF recipients who also want to enhance their recovery with additional healing practices and methods such as massage, reiki, acupuncture, and sound healing.  It is the wish of her family and with the support of her friends that the Lisa Lepine Musicians Relief Fund is established.  (photo: Jon Garcia)

Please give generously to the Lisa Lepine Musicians Relief Fund and make Lisa’s vision of “Dream.Do.Dazzle” live on by supporting the well-being of local musicians and their families through medical emergencies to recovery.   Donations are 100% Tax Deductible.


The Jeremy Wilson Foundation
Att: Lisa Lepine Musicians Relief Fund
1028 SE Water Ave STE 230 Portland, OR 97214

Make checks payable to The Jeremy Wilson Foundation and put Lisa Lepine in the note section of your check as a desired recipient.  Please include your email address so we may easily get you your donation receipt.

A message from Lisa’s family & friends:

Dear Beloved Friends and Family of Lisa,

To many, the news that we lost Lisa on July 5, 2016 came as a surprise and a shock. It was a shock to Lisa, too. Things happened very fast and the task of contacting people, seeing doctors, having surgery and preparing for a long road with chemotherapy was overwhelming to her. She was thinking of all of you as she did this. We all know that Lisa was a master organizer, and her first task was to contact the people who could support her during the illness and help her prepare to heal. She was working on making an announcement to all of her beloved friends. Unfortunately, she was not able to make that announcement so we are making it for her. Know that she loved all of you and wanted to speak to many of you. She simply ran out of time.

With Love,

The Lepine Family & The Lisa Lepine Support Team

More about Lisa…

Lisa Lepine, mentor, manager, publicist, pro-motion queen, friend…dead at 58

By TOM D’ANTONI /Oregon Music News July 5th 2016/ Her talent for putting people together made her one of the most important figures in Oregon music for decades. “Dream. Do. Dazzle.”

Lisa Lepine died this morning from complications after surgery for Grade 3 Stage 2 Endometrioid Carcinoma, uterine cancer. She had survived the surgery and had started chemotherapy but had developed an infection. Her immune system had been compromised and she did not survive the infection. She was taken off life support, per her advance directive, surrounded by family and friends. At the end they all sang “Amazing Grace” and the devices were stopped on the final note of the song.

Known by the entire Oregon Music industry as a tireless advocate for music and musicians, she had the unique talent of introducing people to others they should know and who might help them. She helped guide the careers of countless musicians and in turn, journalists who relied on her expertise, her compassion, inspiration and good humor.

Lisa was a unique woman and will never be forgotten.

She was a fighter and always positive and optimistic. In a June 3 email she wrote:

I trust my doctor – he seems to be one of the best and brightest in his field. His point of view is to mitigate any risk of recurrence and he has a sense of urgency due to the aggressive nature of my cancer. He is treating my case as if I was his mother!!

She began her cycle of chemo on June 23. In an email she wrote:

I am grateful for ObamaCare. Barack Obama, I love you.

I am grateful for the circle of friends who have helped me so gracefully with this first phase post operative.

I am grateful for my new mattress and new bedside music system!

I am grateful for my garden brimming with healthy greens for me to eat!

I am grateful for the visit of my dear friend who fixed all the things that were broken in my household and simplified systems so I will be more comfortable in the coming months.

I am grateful for Clarissa Pinkola Estes whose healing voice has been lulling me to sleep every night and filling my soul with her ideas about “The Joyous Body.” It is like having my own personal Lady of Guadalupe whispering to me nightly.

I am grateful to you and all my beloveds who send their prayers and good wishes to me across the many miles or just across town.

I feel supported and loved.

In another email she said:

Many blessings to all of you – who have your own paths of challenge both energetically and physically every day. 

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other

In the final email sent to her friends on June 24, she said:

I know I have many in spirit with me on the journey!!
I follow the path. And it is golden.

Dream. Do. Dazzle

She was friend and counselor, mentor and manager, inspiration and positive force in the lives of everyone she touched. It would take a book to list all of the musicians and others in the music industry who loved her.

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